George Kondogeorgos was born on September 8, 1983 in Athens, Greece. He studied Economic and regional development at Panteion University of Athens and for the last 4 years he is working in a pharmaceutical company's finance department.

Music is his second nature and he started taking classical guitar lessons at age of 13. His teacher was Apollon Kouskoumvekakis, one of the most prestigious conductors and soloists of Greece.

At the age of 15 George started studying the electric guitar with John Raptis, a really high performing blues and Jazz guitar player and creator of 2 jazz music albums, "Trip" and "The Circle". George dedicated in learning the electric guitar and for long time the electric guitar lessons were his only care.

At the age of 16, George left Athens for Patras where he made a small school band and 14 months later he left Greece with his parents for Hamburg. There, he exercised in creating music, as a way of expression with many and different inspirations. When he came back after a year in Panteion University he created a band called "Breath". "Breath" have hard Rock inspiration and they made only one Live performance (summer of 2005) in George's Fakanas, Athena Live stage at Falliro. After that summer their paths separated and George left his love for music creation and expression behind for some years.

Now he is ready to try something new in the music horizons. He tries to connect different musical elements of House and Rock music together in a very live and strong performing show, and shortly to create new musical sounds based to those kinds of music.

In that attempt, on September of 2011, he began working that music event with Dimi Xatji, (dj, electronic & music producer and sound making technique) who found his idea very interesting.

"There will be always people following paths and people to open them" G.Kondogeorgos

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